Testing is done by the test/CMakeLists.txt using Google Test.

Due to the nature of the API function available on different transports, the tests are written to GTEST_SKIP() when something is unavailable on a particular transport and the message return should indicate why a test was skipped.

just build           # Build the executable build/test/test-cloud-api
just test            # Run test-cloud-api using ~/.dfxcloud.yaml config
just test joe-rest   # Test using ~/.dfxcloud.yaml with context=joe-rest

For even more options like selective running with standard Google Test filters, invoke the executable directly.

just build
cd build/test                              # Folder where built test executable resides
./test-cloud-api --help                    # Provide all help available
./test-cloud-api --gtest_list_tests        # List all available Google Tests
./test-cloud-api --gtest_filter=DeviceTests.\*    # Run all device tests
./test-cloud-api -c joe-rest --gtest_filter=DeviceTests.\*