Defined in dfx/api/CloudAPI.hpp

The CloudAPI will construct a transport based on what is available in terms of both this client library and what the server is capable of supporting. It attempts to create based on the priority of gRPC, WebSocket, REST but it can be forced using the CloudConfig transport value.

Almost all calls will result in a CloudStatus result code which should be verified to be OK.

The API follows a standard CRUD model for operations leveraging Create, Retrieve, Update, Delete style operations.

// Populate the CloudConfig structure
CloudConfig config;
auto status = dfx::api::loadCloudConfig(config);
if ( status.OK() ) {

     // Create the instance
     std::shared_ptr<CloudAPI> cloud;
     status = CloudAPI::createInstance(config, cloud);
     if ( status.OK() ) {

         // Use the cloud instance to obtain services
         // ..