PosePoint Structure

Pose points are used to identify individual MPEG-4 Facial Data Points of a face.


Namespace: Dfx.Sdk
Assembly: Nuralogix.Dfx.Sdk (in Nuralogix.Dfx.Sdk.dll) Version: (
public struct PosePoint
Object    ValueType    PosePoint


DFX utilizes a subset of the 84 feature points described in the MPEG-4 Facial Data Points when constructing regions of interest.

See http://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/summary?doi=


PosePoint Create a PosePoint


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Estimated If this point is "well known", or estimated based on other points.
Quality The probabilistic quality of this point between zero and one.
Valid True if this point is valid, false otherwise.
X X coordinate of the point
Y Y coordinate of the point
Z Z coordinate the point (ignored)

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