Dfx.Sdk Namespace

The Dfx.Sdk namespace contains classes for libdfxdotnet


About A static class to retrieve the version of the underlying native DFK SDK
ChunkData ChunkData is the internal memory representation of a collection from which a Payload can be constructed to send to the DFX API.
Collector Collector extracts region channel information from video frames for server signal processing.
Face Identifies the properties associated with a Face within the Frame.
Factory Factory is the primary entry point for the client and is used to construct the elements necessary to perform a collection.
Frame Frame is a wrapper which links a VideoFrame with one or more Face objects and additional state needed for regions and channel construction.
Histogram A simple histogram class very close in structure to an OpenCV Mat
MeasurementData MeasurementData contains MeasurementResult data for a specific signal.
MeasurementResult A MeasurementResult is the decoded measurement result from the server and contains properties along with individual MeasurementData for the various signals available in the study.
Payload Payload that was captured by a collection.
UserInformation Information about the subject
VideoFrame Represents the internal structure for how image frames are passed to the DFX Engine since there is little in the way of standards.


Point A simple Point structure
PosePoint Pose points are used to identify individual MPEG-4 Facial Data Points of a face.


ChannelOrder ChannelOrder is used to identify the channel order of a VideoFrame.
CollectorState An enumeration representing the various Collector states.
ConstraintResult The enumerated type of possible Constraint Status types.
PixelType Pixel type compatible with the CvMat type system
UserInformationBasic Basic information about the subject used to improve the accuracy of results.
UserInformationDiabetes Type of diabetes
UserInformationMedical Medical history used to improve accuracy of cardiovascular disease risk, heart attack risk and stroke risk.
UserInformationSexAssignedAtBirth Biological sex assigned to subject at birth