Collector Class

Collector extracts region channel information from video frames for server signal processing.


Namespace: Dfx.Sdk
Assembly: Nuralogix.Dfx.Sdk (in Nuralogix.Dfx.Sdk.dll) Version: (
public class Collector : IDisposable
Object    Collector


A Collector involves significant processing on video frames to locate faces, identify the regions of interest, extract and summarize the data for server signal processing.


ChunkData Gets the measurement chunk data which has been collected up for the current chunk until this point.
ChunkDuration Gets or sets the desired collected chunk duration in seconds.
ChunkReady Gets when a measurement has collected sufficient information to make a server request.
CurrentState Gets the current internal state of this measurement Collector.
LastErrorMessage Gets more information about the last error if there was an error or an empty string
Mode Gets the operating mode of the Collector.
NumberChunks Gets or sets number of chunks before the measurement is complete.
NumberFramesNeeded Gets the approximate number of additional video frames required before sufficient information has been collected to make the server request.
TargetFps Sets the anticipated framerate of the image source.


CancelCollection Cancel the current collection.
CheckConstraints Check for constraint violations.
CreateFrame Creates a Frame from a user supplied video frame.
DecodeMeasurementResult Decodes the binary measurement response payload from the server into a MeasurementResult.
DefineRegions Define the regions of interest based upon the MPEG-4 Facial Data Points.
DisableConstraint Disable a constraint for the identified constraint.
DisposeReleases all resources used by the Collector
Dispose(Boolean)Releases the unmanaged resources used by the Collector and optionally releases the managed resources
EnableConstraint Enable constraint handling for the identified constraint.
EqualsDetermines whether the specified object is equal to the current object.
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ExtractChannels Extracts the channels of interest from the video frame and regions of interest.
(Overrides ObjectFinalize)
ForceComplete Forces the completion of a collection.
GetAvailableConstraints Obtain all available constraint IDs.
GetConstraintsConfig Obtains a constraint system property.
GetConstraintsErrorMessage Obtain a message which represents the violation ID.
GetEnabledConstraints Returns the currently enabled constraints.
GetHashCodeServes as the default hash function.
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GetProperties Obtains the Chunk metadata for this measurement request.
GetProperty Returns a metadata property by key name if it exists.
GetRequiredPosePointIds Return the set of pose points for the configured study.
GetTypeGets the Type of the current instance.
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MemberwiseCloneCreates a shallow copy of the current Object.
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PrepareMeasurement When the client creates a new Measurement with the API, the Collector should be prepared with the API Measurement CreateResponse payload.
RemoveProperty Removes a metadata property by key name if it exists.
ResetCollection Resets the measurement state to construct a new chunk.
SetCloudResultsFeedback Provide the cloud results to the Collector to potentially improve the result.
SetConstraintsConfig Configures the constraint system properties.
SetFaceInformation(String, UserInformationBasic, UserInformationSexAssignedAtBirth) Add subject's sex assigned at birth information to this measurement's payloads
SetFaceInformation(String, UserInformationBasic, Double) Add subject's basic information to this measurement's payloads using key and values.
SetFaceInformation(String, UserInformationMedical, UserInformationDiabetes) Add subject's diabetes information to this measurement's payloads
SetFaceInformation(String, UserInformationMedical, Boolean) Add subject's meedical questionnaire information to this measurement's payloads using key and values.
SetProperty Client applications wishing to associate their own metadata properties can associate key=value strings to the Collector.
StartCollection When the client is ready to start a measurement they will notify the collector to start collecting data.
StopCollection Stop the current collection.
ToStringReturns a string that represents the current object.
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