Payload Class

Payload that was captured by a collection.


Namespace: Dfx.Sdk
Assembly: Nuralogix.Dfx.Sdk (in Nuralogix.Dfx.Sdk.dll) Version: (
public class Payload
Object    Payload


Payloads are obtained by adding Frames to a Collector until enough data has been captured to formulate a chunk and Collector.ChunkData is called. The call to Collector.ChunkData ends the chunk collection freeing the Collector up to start adding frames to a new Chunk. The ChunkData can be processed on a background thread (if desired) to package up the Payload.


PayloadInitializes a new instance of the Payload class
Payload(Payload)Initializes a new instance of the Payload class


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ChunkNumber Sequential number of the chunk starting at zero
Duration_s Duration of this chunk in seconds
EndFrame Ending frame number of this chunk payload
EndTime_s End time of this chunk in seconds
FirstChunkStartTime_s Start time of the first chunk in seconds
Metadata Binary metadata describing the payload content
NumberChunks Number of chunks expected in measurement
PayloadData Binary data extracted in this chunk to be sent for further analysis
StartFrame Starting frame number of this chunk payload
StartTime_s Start time of this chunk in seconds
Valid Flag indicating if the payload was successfully created

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