Low SNR (Signal-to-Noise Ratio) can lead to measurement cancellations. By default, Anura Core SDK follows the rules given in this guide to cancel a measurement early based on SNR.

For more information about SNR related issues and how to solve them, please refer to this troubleshooting guide.

Visage Face Tracker Issues


As of Anura Core SDK for iOS (1.9.0) and Android (2.4.0), the default face tracker is MediaPipe FaceMesh. This troubleshooting section only applies to applications still using visage|SDK FaceTrack

Managing your Visage License File

Your visage|SDK FaceTrack license is distributed as a file with the extension .vlc.

  • When you receive your license file, please ensure that the Application ID in it matches your app's bundle id. Please contact NuraLogix if it doesn't.

  • You should treat your license file as a binary file. If you plan to check it into Git, configure it as a binary file using the following code in your .gitattributes file: *.vlc -merge -text

Using your Visage license file

  • For Anura Core SDK for Android

    • Copy your visage|SDK FaceTrack license file to app/src/main/assets/visage/

    • Update your file with your visage|SDK FaceTrack license key (typically, it's the filename of the .vlc file excluding the file extension).

    • Ensure that the APPLICATION_ID exactly matches the Application ID field in your visage|SDK FaceTrack license file.

  • For Anura Core SDK for iOS

    • Replace the placeholder license file in SampleApp/VisageFaceTracker/visage.vlc with the license file provided by NuraLogix (Do not copy and paste the contents of the license file in sample app visage|SDK FaceTrack file.)

Visage Licensing Error Codes

Please check the following common error codes if you are facing issues with visage|SDK FaceTrack licensing:

  • Error code 0x00000001 (VS_ERROR_INVALID_LICENSE): This error indicates that the license is not valid. The error occurs when the BundleID is not the same as the one in your application, or when the license that is registered to one product is used with another product. Please check if you’re using the correct license.

  • Error code 0x00000002 (VS_ERROR_EXPIRED_LICENSE): This error indicates that your Visage license has expired. Please consider renewing your license. If you obtained your license directly from Visage Technologies, please contact them; if you obtained your license through NuraLogix, please contact Nuralogix.

  • Error code 0x00000008 (VS_ERROR_MISSING_KEYFILE): This error indicates that the application cannot locate the license key file. Please verify that the license key file is present in the folder used as a path to initialize the license manager.

  • Error code 0x00000100 (VS_ERROR_TAMPERED_KEYFILE): This error indicates that the license key file was modified. Please try using a clean copy of the license key file that was sent to you, and see if the error still occurs.

  • Error code 0x00000010 (VS_ERROR_NO_LICENSE): This error indicates that there is currently no license available.

  • Error code 0x00001000 (VS_ERROR_INVALID_OS) The error you received indicates that your license key does not support the platform (operating system) on which you are trying to use it.