Before you begin, we recommend perusing the DeepAffex Developer Guide so that you have a basic understanding of NuraLogix's DeepAffex technologies and terminologies. Please be sure to read the first two chapters - Introduction and Getting Started.

Anura Core SDK

NuraLogix provides the DeepAffex Cloud for Affective AI. It is used to analyze facial blood-flow information that is extracted from image streams using the DeepAffex Extraction Library.

Anura Core SDK is a mobile software development kit designed to help developers quickly add NuraLogix Affective AI to in-house or commercial mobile applications. It contains the DeepAffex Extraction Library and also provides all additional features required for doing DeepAffex analysis on mobile platforms - camera capture and preview, face tracker integration and a cloud module for interacting with the DeepAffex Cloud etc.

Anura Core SDK is available on both Android and iOS and is distributed privately via secure Git repositories to companies in partnership with NuraLogix.

It is canonically documented inside the Android and iOS Git repositories respectively.


The architecture of typical Anura Core SDK-based application is shown below:

Architecture of a DeepAffex application


For demonstration purposes, the Anura Core SDK Sample App includes a subset of the UI prompts used by NuraLogix Anura. You can change these prompts and add more according the needs of your app and it's users.