Before you begin, we recommend perusing the DeepAffex™ Developer Guide so that you have a basic understanding of NuraLogix™ DeepAffex™ technologies and terminologies. Please be sure to read the first two chapters - Introduction and Getting Started.

Anura™ Core SDK

NuraLogix™ provides the DeepAffex™ Cloud for Affective AI. It is used to analyze facial blood-flow information that is extracted from image streams using the DeepAffex™ Extraction Library.

Anura™ Core SDK is a mobile software development kit designed to help developers quickly add NuraLogix™ Affective AI to in-house or commercial mobile applications. It contains the DeepAffex™ Extraction Library and also provides all additional features required for doing DeepAffex™ analysis on mobile platforms - camera capture and preview, face tracker integration and a cloud module for interacting with the DeepAffex™ Cloud etc.

Anura™ Core SDK is available on both Android and iOS and is distributed privately via secure Git repositories to companies in partnership with NuraLogix™.

It is canonically documented inside the Android and iOS Git repositories respectively.


The architecture of typical Anura™ Core SDK-based application is shown below:

Architecture of a DeepAffex™ application


For demonstration purposes, the Anura™ Core SDK Sample App includes a subset of the UI prompts used by NuraLogix™ Anura™. You can change these prompts and add more according the needs of your app and it's users.