Getting Started


To setup the integration with the Web Measurement Service, you will need the following:

Get a public key

Since the information sent to WMS contains sensitive end-user data (e.g., age, weight etc.), it needs to be encrypted with a public key. NuraLogix will decrypt it with the corresponding private key. The encryption algorithm used is RSA.

The following files will be generated by NuraLogix:

  • wms_private_key.der: a private key stored at NuraLogix.
  • wms_public_key.pem: shared by NuraLogix with you. Update the variable in src/Pages/Profile/publikcKey.ts [sic] with the contents of this file.

Get a config ID (CONFIG_ID) from NuraLogix

To get going, you need a WMS CONFIG ID - a unique identifier that is linked to your app's specific configuration. Before NuraLogix can provide one, you need to provide NuraLogix with two items:

  1. Callback URL

    After the measurement is finished, WMS will redirect the end-user to this URL in the app. The results will be encoded in the query string so that they can be saved or displayed by the app.

  2. Logo file URL

    WMS will display your logo image on the measurement page to brand it. Please host the logo image at a publicly accessible URL. The recommended format is a 150 x 55-pixel PNG with a transparent background.

After you provide the above to NuraLogix, you will receive the config ID. Please update the CONFIG_ID key in .env file with it.

Setup a CNAME

Mask the Web Measurement Service URL with your custom URL by creating a CNAME record on your DNS server's management page.

For example, if your app's domain is you can setup a CNAME called measurement to Then will mask the WMS URL.

The actual instructions for setting up a CNAME can be obtained from the documentation of your domain name provider. Follow those instructions to create the following entry:

  • Name: measurement (This can be any name that you choose).
  • Type: CNAME
  • Alias: Yes
  • Value:

After you are done, please send the chosen CNAME to NuraLogix for additional setup on our end.

Once the chosen CNAME is configured, update the service URL in the file src/Pages/Profile/Profile.tsx by replacing with your setup CNAME (example:

Get a Visage SDK License from NuraLogix

Web Measurement Service relies on the Visage Face Tracker and you will need a Visage Face Tracker license bound to your domain name. NuraLogix will obtain one for you as part of the WMS package. Do please let us know if you would prefer to obtain one directly from Visage. It will need to be hosted by NuraLogix since it's used by WMS.