Platform requirements

Supported Browsers

Officially supported browsers are:

Operating SystemBrowserMinimum Version
WindowsGoogle Chrome86
WindowsMicrosoft Edge86
macOSGoogle Chrome86
macOSApple Safari15.1 (>= 15.4 recommended)
LinuxGoogle Chrome86
AndroidGoogle Chrome86
iOSApple Safari15.1 (>= 15.4 recommended)
iOSGoogle Chrome86

Other browsers based on Chromium 83 and above should also work but are not officially supported by us.


There is a known issue with Google Chrome intermittently crashing on some Android devices. Our team is currently investigating the issue. A workaround is to use other browsers like Microsoft Edge for Android, Samsung Browser for Android or Vivaldi for Android.

Platform performance guidelines:

Various low-end Android devices struggle to work properly with WMS due to its processing requirements. As a reference point, you can check your device's CPU performance scores obtained through Geekbench 6. From your Android device, use this link to install Geekbench 6. We recommend devices with a Single Thread score of 550 or more and Multi Thread score of 1700 or more.

Image Resolution (on face):

  • Minimum pixel density of ~30 pixels/inch (~12 pixels/cm) applied to the face
  • In a mobile phone "selfie portrait" scenario, this converts to an image resolution of 480p (i.e. 640 x 480, 4:3 aspect)

Frame rate:

  • 25 fps minimum (stable 30 fps recommended)
  • Accurate frame timestamps (ms) are required

Internet connectivity requirements

The payload data chunks are not very heavy (mostly less than 500 KB). Any stable internet connection which can handle such payloads is expected to work fine.