Regions and clusters

The DeepAffex Cloud API is implemented as a connected mesh of distributed AWS clusters, each of which is hosted within a specific geographic region of the globe. To know more about different regions, please refer to the Regions and Clusters page in our Developer Guide.


While we will always strive to keep the information below in sync with our Developer Guide, in case there are any conflicts, the Developer Guide should be considered the source of truth.

Static Assets

Web Measurement Service static assets (HTML, JavaScript and CSS) are always served from the na-east region, regardless of the user's location.

Results Storage

A history of measurements results may be available on the DeepAffex Cloud if your legal agreement with NuraLogix allows saving results. Results, if saved in the DeepAffex Cloud, will be stored in the cluster-name encode in the authorization Token. This is the Token that your backend server obtains by calling the Organization.RegisterLicense endpoint. This implies:

  • Default (no region locking): If your backend server obtains the authorization Token using the default DeepAffeX Cloud API URL (, then the results will be stored in the cluster that was selected by the geo-routing rules defined in our Developer Guide.

  • Region Locking: If you want to store the results in a specific region, your server must obtain the authorization Token using the DeepAffex cluster-specific API URL of that region. Please refer to the direct regional URLs table below to know the different region-specific URLs.

Data Processing

Unless a region-specific API URL is setup during onboarding, blood-flow data will be processed in the region that will be selected by our geo-routing rules based on the location of the browser that loads WMS. (Not the region where your licensing backend server is located.) Specifically:

  • Default (no region locking): Region for data processing will be determined by the routing rules described in the routing table in our Developer Guide. Routing rules will be applied to the end-user's location.

  • Region Locking: If you want to process the data in a specific region, you must specify the desired region during the WMS onboarding process. The issued Config ID will determine where the data processing takes place, regardless of user's location.

DeepAffex API direct regional URLs

North America (N. Virginia, USA)
Short code: na-east
Europe (Frankfurt, Germany)
Short code: eu-central
South America (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
Short code: sa-east
Asia (Tokyo, Japan)
Short code: as-east
Asia Pacific (Hong Kong, HK)
Short code: as-hk