WMS-specific issues

Please try the following troubleshooting steps if you are facing issues with WMS:

  • Check and fix camera permissions: If you see an empty list of cameras, it means that WMS was not granted the browser camera permission. Unfortunately, if camera permission is denied at the first prompt, then WMS cannot prompt again. To fix permission issues, you will have to click on the lock icon in the browser's URL bar and then grant the permissions from there. The procedure is browser-specific, so the steps might be slightly different for each browser.

  • Reduce processor load: System performance can also cause measurements to fail, so try to close any other tabs/apps/programs that might be consuming a lot of processing power.

  • Check conflicting camera usage: If you are having issues with starting the camera then please make sure that no other program or app is using the camera.

  • Disable screen recording: Make sure there is no screen recording or screen sharing in progress. We have observed that sometimes WMS does not work properly when you are sharing your screen.

  • Check the browser type: Officially supported browsers are listed in the introduction. Please make sure that you are using one of the officially supported browsers.

  • Clear browser cache: Sometimes, clearing browser cache may also solve the issues for you.

  • Check camera FPS: We recommend a camera that supports a stable 30 fps. If fps is too low (less than 10) then it will cause measurement cancellation.

Low SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio) can lead to measurement cancellations. WMS follows the rules given in this guide to cancel a measurement early based on SNR.

For more information about SNR related issues and how to solve them, please refer to this troubleshooting guide.