WMS Frequently Asked Questions

What is a CNAME?

A Canonical Name (CNAME) record is a type of resource record in the Domain Name System (DNS) that maps one domain name (an alias) to another (the canonical name). By using CNAME, WMS can be seamlessly integrated into your web app. The user will stay on your web app's domain in the browser during the measurement.

Do you redirect the customers to your own website for measurements?

After submitting their profile information, the user is redirected to WMS hosted at https://awe.na-east.nuralogix.ai via a third-party subdomain (using CNAME) but the domain in the browser stays the same as your web app.

Which browsers does WMS support?

For a list of officially supported browsers, please refer to the Platform Requirements section page in the WMS docs.

Is WMS localized? Which languages does it support?

For a list of officially supported languages, please refer to the Supported Languages section.

Is it necessary to collect user profile information through a form if we already have that information stored with us?

No. The information just needs to be passed to WMS.

How does WMS handle multiple cameras on a device?

On desktop devices, the user is shown a list of available cameras to choose from. On mobile devices, the user can switch between front and rear cameras on the measurement screen.

Do you offer a sample application to help us get started?

Yes. Please contact us for access.

You can learn more in the sample application section.

Is the user profile information encrypted while being transferred to you?

Yes. WMS uses the RSA public-key cryptosystem and profile information is encrypted and passed from your web app to WMS using a specially crafted URL (the "call-in" URL). It can only be decrypted by a specially-configured "instance" WMS which uses a securely stored private key.

Can you support regional data storage requirements?

Please refer to the regions and clusters page.

What is a Config ID?

A WMS Config ID is a unique identifier that is linked to your app's specific configuration.

Please refer to the Config ID section of WMS documentation for more details.

Can I use WebView inside my app to integrate the Web Measurement Service?

It is possible to do so, but WebView is not a recommended way to use WMS and you are encouraged to check out other better ways offered by us to integrate our service into your Android and iOS apps.

How can I integrate WMS into my website or app?

Please check out the getting started section of WMS documentation.

How are the measurement results returned to our website or app?

Measurement results are sent back to you through a callback URL as a JSON. User is redirected back to the third-party website once DeepAffex has completed processing the measurement results.

Your web application is responsible for all admin/display/storage of end-user measurement results. You may use the results as per your choice of implementation.

How can I customize the look of the WMS according to my brand?

To customize the style of the measurement screen to match your brand identity, a stylesheet can be provided to control the colors and background images.

Please refer to the styling section of WMS documentation.

What is authentication procedure while using WMS?

Please refer to the measurement flow section of WMS documentation.

What is the camera auto-start feature?

If this feature is enabled, then a camera will start automatically during the measurement and users won't see the start camera button. You need to request a Config ID update to enable this feature.

What is the measurement auto-start feature?

If this feature is enabled, then the measurement will start automatically, and users won't see the start measurement button. You need to request a Config ID update to enable this feature.

Is it possible to change the default camera on mobile devices?

Yes, there is an option available through Config ID that allows rear camera to be selected as default camera on mobile devices. You need to request a Config ID update to enable this feature.

Do you have a troubleshooting guide for WMS?

Please refer to the Troubleshooting section of WMS documentation.