Irregular Heartbeat Count

IDUnitAvailable AfterRangeAlso Needs
IHB_COUNTunitless30 seconds0 to 4-


IHB_COUNT is the DeepAffex Cloud's estimate of the number of Irregular Heartbeats detected for the subject in 30 seconds. It is based on analyzing facial blood-flow data (TOI).


The range provided above represents the nominal range, which serves as a reference for interpreting IHB_COUNT values. It's important to note that the Cloud could occasionally return values that fall outside of this nominal range.


An irregular heartbeat is one that occurs outside of the heart's normal rhythm. The beat may have occurred sooner than expected or subject's heart may have seemed to "skip" a beat. Sometimes it can feel like a thump in subject's chest, or the feeling that their heart is beating quickly or fluttering.

Irregular heartbeats are usually harmless. Most often they are triggered by things that increase adrenaline in the body like anxiety, caffeine, and nicotine.

In rare cases, they could indicate a more serious condition like an electrolyte imbalance or a heart condition. Subject should consult their doctor if they have a persistent irregular heartbeat. Subject should seek immediate medical attention if the onset of irregular heartbeats is combined with other symptoms of a heart problem like dizziness, chest pain, or shortness of breath.

There is no interpretation table for IHB_COUNT.