A DFX Point is a biosignal of interest that is assigned a unique name on the DeepAffex Cloud. (e.g. HR_BPM is the DFX Point for heart rate.)

A DFX Study is a collection of DFX Points that are computed in one measurement. A Study is based on a Study Template which determines which Points it contains. You can list the Studies available to you, retrieve a Study's details and select one for use in measurements.

List of available points

The table below lists all available DFX Points.

IDNameGroupUnitAvailable After (seconds)RangeAlso Needs
ABSIBody Shape IndexPhysicalunitless56.19 to 8.83👤1
AGEFacial Skin AgePhysicalyears513 to 120-
BMI_CALCBody Mass IndexPhysicalkg/m²510 to 65👤1
BP_CVDCardiovascular Disease RiskGeneral Risks%300 to 100👤1 🩺2
BP_DIASTOLICDiastolic Blood PressureVitalsmmHg3030 to 120👤1
BP_HEART_ATTACKHeart Attack RiskGeneral Risks%300 to 100👤1 🩺2
BP_RPPCardiac WorkloadPhysiologicaldB303.71 to 4.28👤1
BP_STROKEStroke RiskGeneral Risks%300 to 100👤1 🩺2
BP_SYSTOLICSystolic Blood PressureVitalsmmHg3045 to 180👤1
BP_TAUVascular CapacityPhysiological300.3 to 3👤1
BR_BPMBreathing RateVitalsbreaths / minute301.2 to 35-
DBT_RISK_PROBType 2 Diabetes RiskMetabolic Risks%300 to 100👤1
FLD_RISK_PROBFatty Liver Disease RiskMetabolic Risks%300 to 100👤1
HBA1C_RISK_PROBHemoglobin A1C RiskBlood Biomarkers%300 to 100👤1
HDLTC_RISK_PROBHypercholesterolemia RiskMetabolic Risks%300 to 100👤1
HEIGHTEstimated HeightPhysicalcm5120 to 220-
HEALTH_SCORENuraLogix General Wellness ScoreOverallunitless300 to 100👤1 🩺2
HPT_RISK_PROBHypertension RiskMetabolic Risks%300 to 100👤1
HR_BPMPulse RateVitalsbeats / minute50 to 140-
HRV_SDNNHeart Rate VariabilityPhysiologicalms301 to 80-
IHB_COUNTIrregular Heartbeat CountVitalsunitless300 to 4-
MENTAL_SCORENuraLogix Mental ScoreOverallunitless301 to 5-
MFBG_RISK_PROBFasting Blood Glucose RiskBlood Biomarkers%300 to 100👤1
MSINuraLogix Mental Stress IndexMentalunitless301 to 5.9-
OVERALL_METABOLIC_RISK_PROBOverall Metabolic Health RiskMetabolic Risks%300 to 100👤1
PHYSICAL_SCORENuraLogix Physical ScoreOverallunitless301 to 5👤1
PHYSIO_SCORENuraLogix Physiological ScoreOverallunitless301 to 5👤1
RISKS_SCORENuraLogix Risks ScoreOverallunitless301 to 5👤1 🩺2
SNRSignal to Noise RatioMetadatadB5-10 to 20-
SURVEY_ANXIETY_MODERATEModerate Anxiety Rapid AssessmentSurveys%-0 to 100👤1
SURVEY_DEPRESSION_MODERATEModerate Depression Rapid AssessmentSurveys%-0 to 100👤1
TG_RISK_PROBHypertriglyceridemia RiskMetabolic Risks%300 to 100👤1
VITAL_SCORENuraLogix Vitals ScoreOverallunitless301 to 5👤1
WAIST_CIRCUMWaist CircumferencePhysicalcm5-👤1
WAIST_TO_HEIGHTWaist-to-Height RatioPhysical%525 to 70👤1
WEIGHTEstimated WeightPhysicalkg530 to 300-

For new applications, do not use the DFX Points in the table below as they are deprecated. Please update existing applications with the new IDs at the first opportunity.

Legacy IDNameInstead use
MENTAL_STRESS_INDEXNuraLogix Mental Stress IndexMSI


All point names are subject to change. When working with the results obtained from the backend, it's important to rely only on the IDs of the DFX Points given in the above tables.


👤 Subject's profile information (age, biological sex at birth, height, weight; only age and biological sex at birth are needed for surveys)


🩺 Subject's medical history questionnaire results