Measurement Questionnaire

User Profile Questionnaire

DeepAffex can use subject profile information to further enhance the accuracy of measurement results. The following information is used:

Age"age"13-120 (years)
Sex assigned at birth"gender""male" / "female"
Height"height"120-220 (cm)
Weight"weight"30-300 (kg)

In addition to these ranges, please make sure that the values of height and weight entered result in a Calculated BMI value that is within the acceptable range of 10 to 65. Also, note that the Calculated BMI is not an input field in the questionnaire but is calculated based on the height and weight entered. It is described in more detail here.

Medical History Questionnaire

DeepAffex can also use subject medical history information to further improve the accuracies of cardiovascular disease risk, heart attack risk and stroke risk. The following questionnaire should be used:

Do you smoke?"smoking"0 / 1
Are you taking blood pressure medication?"bloodpressuremedication"0 / 1
Are you diabetic?"diabetes""0" / "type1" / "type2"


  • The question "Do you have hypertension?" (antihypertensive) is deprecated and no longer required.

  • Both keys and values used in the measurement questionnaires must be lowercase. Also, please make sure that the keys are exactly the same as shown in the above tables.