In the DeepAffex Cloud's business-to-business services model, the Organization is the partitioning "silo" that gets created and licensed by a business.

All measurements, results, raw data etc. that are created under an Organization are secure and isolated from other Organizations. Only NuraLogix can create Organizations.

These series of endpoints are all related to managing Organization data. We will discuss two of them in more detail here. The rest are detailed on the DeepAffex API Apiary.

Registering Devices

As mentioned before, a Device Token pair (a Device Token and a One-time Refresh Token) has to be obtained before a measurement can be made from a device. To obtain this Token pair for the device in use, call the Organizations.Register endpoint.

This endpoint is called with the License Key for your organization. Other parameters in the request are DeviceTypeID, Name, Identifierand Version. On a successful request, the DeepAffex Cloud responds with a Device Token, a One-time Refresh Token, DeviceID, RoleID and UserID.

Please ensure that the Device Token is securely stored on the device as it is needed for un-registering a device.

The token (device or user) has to be used in all subsequent calls to the DeepAffex Cloud.

Un-registering Devices

In some cases, there are a limited number of devices allowed on a License Key. You can however, un-register a device and gain one License use back. To un-register a device, you can call the Organizations.Unregister endpoint with the Device Token.

Note that this does not delete any historical results that were made with this device.

Re-registering Devices

Device tokens may expire. To ensure that a token is valid, you can call the General.VerifyToken endpoint. If the ActiveLicense field in the response is false or if the API returns one of the following errors: INVALID_TOKEN, LICENSE_EXPIRED, INACTIVE_LICENSE or INACTIVE_DEVICE, then the client must re-register the license using the Organizations.Register endpoint described above.