Transdermal Optical Imaging (TOI): An imaging technology by NuraLogix that uses a digital camera and advanced image processing to extract facial blood-flow data from a human subject.

DeepAffex Point: A biosignal of interest that can be extracted, computed or estimated from facial blood-flow data that is assigned a unique name on the DeepAffex Cloud. (e.g., HR_BPM is the Point for pulse rate.) A Point can be a Source, Signal, Feature, Algorithm, Model or Classifier.

  • Source: Point calculated from a "raw" or minimally processed data stream.
  • Feature: Point extracted by a NuraLogix developed feature.
  • Algorithm: Point calculated from a NuraLogix developed algorithm.
  • Model: Point estimated by a NuraLogix developed machine learning model.
  • Classifier: Point produced by a NuraLogix developed classifier.

DeepAffex Study Template: A group of Points used to create a DeepAffex Study. Study Templates can only be created by NuraLogix.

DeepAffex Study: A group of Points that are computed in one Measurement. A Study is based on a Study Template and can be created by an Organization.

DeepAffex Measurement: A group of results computed by the DeepAffex Cloud based on a single Study. The process of extracting facial blood-flow from a sequence of images and sending it to the DeepAffex Cloud for processing is called making a measurement.

Organization Key: A unique identifier that is linked to your organization on the DeepAffex Dashboard.