Role Based Access

The Dashboard applies Role-Based-Access authorization criteria to provide secure management for an Organization’s collection of measurement results, Study configurations, licenses, user accounts, participant information, cockpit, usage, and other relevant aspects.

A full list of permissions by user role is shown in the table below.

Org AdminDFX AnalystDFX ResearcherDFX LeadAnura Application UserDFX Operator
Study Templates-----
Measurements (All)---
Measurements (Own)-
Export Results----
Cockpit and Usage----
Edit My Information

Explanation of each User Role:

  • Org Admin: A user with this role is an Organization Administrator who can view and manage all the available features on DeepAffex Dashboard. It is the ONLY role that can perform DELETE operations.

  • DFX Analyst: This role is usually created for analyzing the aggregate data and usage for your organization.

  • DFX Researcher: This role is usually created for any studies conducted by the researchers in your organization.

  • DFX Lead: This role is usually created for people who are managing the project/study. A user with this role can perform CREATE operations.

  • Anura Application User/DFX Operator: These two roles have the same level of access. Users with this role can only view their own measurements and of related participants (sub-profiles). It is usually created for people who are conducting measurements for studies and/or development. A DFX Operator may also be created for taking centralized/kiosk measurements.


If you need to create an Org Admin account, please contact NuraLogix.

A partial walkthrough using an actual operational DFX account follows.