C / C++

The C / C++ package consists of:

  • libdfx - a precompiled C library distributed as header files and binaries
  • libdfxcpp - a C++ wrapper for libdfx, distributed as C++ source files and header files

We provide 64-bit binaries for Windows, macOS and Linux. The C++ wrapper layer that sits on top of the C API is a convenient access layer for C++ applications. It requires access to an OpenCV implementation. (The core C library has no external dependencies).

Installing the C++ package involves simply copying the headers and libraries locally and configuring your toolchain to point to them.

The README.html in the zip file, contains details on how to use CMake to build the C++ wrappers and also on how to compile an example program. You may choose to forgo CMake and e.g., use Visual Studio directly if you wish.

C / C++ documentation is available online.


The .NET DeepAffex Extraction Library is distributed as a NuGet package targetting .NET Framework 4.6.1. It wraps the 64-bit DFX Extraction C dll - dfx.dll.

Please refer to the NuGet or Visual Studio Package Manager documentation on how to install is as part of your project.


The Python DeepAffex Extraction Library is distributed as Python Wheels for Windows, macOS and Linux, wrapping the respective 64-bit DFX Extraction C dynamic link libraries.

Installation is simple via a pip install command.