As mentioned before, the DeepAffex Cloud organizes around the concept of Points and Studies.

A DeepAffex Point is a biosignal of interest that is assigned a unique name on the DeepAffex Cloud. A DeepAffex Study is a collection of Points that are computed in one measurement. A Study is based on a Study Template which determines which Points it contains. A Study Template (and thus any studies derived from it) has a Study Type which is a broad categorization of templates.

For example, a Study Type of HEALTH could have associated with it two Study Templates - HEART_HEALTH and STRESS. A Study called ELDERLY_HEART_HEALTH could then be created from the HEART_HEALTH template.

The endpoints in this group are related to Study management.


Studies can be created, retrieved, updated and deleted using the Studies.Create, Studies.Retrieve, Studies.Update and Studies.Delete endpoints respectively.

Study Configuration Data

A Study has associated with configuration data which is needed to initialize a Factory in the DeepAffex Extraction Library. This data can be retrieved using the Studies.Sdkconfig endpoint.

To call this endpoint, you have to pass the SDK ID of the library, the Study ID and the hash of the current data on hand. (The hash can be an empty string if calling for the very first time.)

If there is updated configuration data available, the Cloud will respond with HTTP status 200 and the body will contain the Base64 encoded configuration data and its hash. If hash sent was up to date, then the Cloud will respond with HTTP status 304.

Please cache the study configuration data and its hash for future use with the library for this Study.